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How Does Hiring A Public Adjuster Help Settle Your Insurance Claim?

Hiring a Public Adjuster to Help Settle Your Insurance Claim

Never heard of a public adjuster before? Don’t worry, we aren’t offended.

As public adjusters, we work with insurance policyholders (aka most people) to get fair, larger settlements from their insurance companies. We use our knowledge of the industry to make the process of filing a claim faster, easier, and come with a better result.

Read on to learn more about exactly what we do and how we do it!

Help resolve insurance coverage questions/problems

You won’t find many people that know the ins and outs of the insurance world as well as public adjusters. Many public adjusters have years and years of experience working with insurance companies in various ways, so we know exactly how they operate and their policies. Because of this, we can be a great resource for you as you try and understand your policy a little bit better.

There is a lot of fine print on policies and there are a lot of times where something you think is covered is not or visa versa. It is important to know your policy extremely well because it makes filing a claim and getting a settlement much easier.

Because of these complex policies, many people will run into problems with their insurance company over their policy. Whether it’s not getting a fair settlement after making a claim, or trying to argue something should be covered under their policy, there is never anything easy when working with your insurance company.

Public adjusters can help you have better conversations with your insurance company and make dealing with them much easier.

Duties after a loss

The term “Duties after a loss” refers to the things you need to do as the policyholder after a loss takes place that is covered under your policy. Every insurance company has a slightly different list of items and timelines to get those items in order for them to cover the damage. We are very familiar with these “duties” and help policyholders make sure they are checking all the boxes for the insurance company so your settlement can get to you sooner and more easily.

Help document and categorize damages

If you get a public adjuster involved early enough in the process of filing your claim, we can help you with the entire process, including categorizing, documenting, and pricing the damages that took place.

This process is EXTREMELY important, especially for claims around water, fire, and wind damage. It is important to take stock of ALL damages that took place event the smallest items (those small items can turn into BIG problems later).

Help with insurance appraisal issues

We’ve referenced this throughout this blog, but let us be very direct.

Insurance companies want to give you the lowest amount of money possible on your settlement. The lower amount of money that they give you, the more money that they get to keep in their pockets.

Insurance companies are notorious for using their own adjusters and damage assessors to give low estimates with the goal of giving you a smaller settlement. With a public adjuster, you’ll get a better opinion and will get access to our network of estimators that will give you a real quote as to how much you will need to fix your damage.

That is also why it is important to get a public adjuster involved as soon as possible. If you go to your insurance company alone, they might see it as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation and give you a fast, and small settlement.

Once you accept that settlement it can be extremely difficult to get your case reopened leaving you with a longer period of time without the money you need.

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