Pros and Cons of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Working with a public adjuster

Now we don’t want you to get a Public Adjuster confused with who an insurance adjuster is, so let’s start out with what the differences between the two are!

Difference Between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Adjuster

An Insurance Company’s Adjuster is out to do only one thing – save the insurance company money. You cannot trust them to look out for your best interest. They are not there to make sure you get a fair and accurate payment of the settlement, but rather give you the least amount of money they can.

A Public Adjuster works for YOU! Our goal is to make sure you get the money that you deserve for your claim and to hold the insurance company to their promises. This can sometimes mean getting paid double, triple, or more than what you were originally offered.

Advantages of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Now that we have quickly gone over the differences between a Public Adjuster and an insurance adjuster, let’s talk about the main reasons why you’d want to hire a Public Adjuster when you need to file a property insurance claim.

Higher Settlement

Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t typically looking out for your best interest. Instead, they are more interested in collecting your premiums and giving you a claim that is far lower than what is fair in an effort to save more money. By working with a Public Adjuster, you put pressure on the insurance company to give you a fair payment because you are working with someone that can talk their language, and fight for you by getting a fair settlement. Typically, we get our clients 2-3 times more money than they would normally get from their insurance companies if they handled the claim themselves. We know how to get them to pay!

Less Likely to Miss Potential Areas

Insurance policies are confusing… and that is no accident. Insurance companies purposely make them hard to understand to try, and hide things from you that could lead to higher settlements for you. A Public Adjuster knows how to read your policy, and spot all the potential areas you might have missed to make sure your settlement payment is the most it can be. Most people who handle their claims themselves miss out on at least $10,000.00 or more because they don’t even know they are owed that money due to language that is buried in the policy.

Property Insurance Claim Knowledge

The vast majority of people never file a major property insurance claim in their lifetimes, so when it is time to file a claim for water, fire, or storm damage, most people are not sure where to start, or what to do. Insurance companies are aware of this fact and try to take advantage by giving out claims that are far less than what you deserve. They see this as a way to save money. We see it as injustice. We have handled thousands of insurance claims so we know what to look for and how to make sure you get a higher insurance settlement.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Public Adjuster

The need to get paid (take a percentage)

While most public adjusters will take a small % of your insurance settlement, the vast majority of the time it is nothing compared to how much more you could be receiving from your insurance company. Our services pay for themselves many times over.

Some Adjusters Don’t Handle Small Claims​

If you have a smaller claim, some public adjusters may not be willing to work with you and it’s important to have those questions answered from the start. Not here! We are willing to work with your claim big or small.

If you wait until your claim is denied, this could lengthen the process

When is the best time to involve a Public Adjuster? The sooner the better. Insurance companies are great at getting policyholders to agree on things that ultimately hurt them financially. We prevent this!

What do you do before filing a property damage insurance claim? Call us! By getting us involved right away, we can get you your higher insurance settlement sooner, and on the first try.


Overall, there are many benefits to using a public adjuster, but one remains supreme – more money in your pocket. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today!

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