What Is a Public Adjuster in Wisconsin?

Public Adjuster in Wisconsin

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you have damage to your property that needs repair, what should you do first? If you are like most people, you call your insurance company and begin the process of filing an insurance claim.


What if we told you going down that path alone would leave you with a settlement up to 2-3 times lower on average than what you deserve?

What’s the best way to get a higher settlement on your property damage claim here in Wisconsin? Hire a public adjuster.

What is a public adjuster in Wisconsin?

A public adjuster is an intermediary between you and your insurance company to help you better handle a claim. We take over the hard and exhausting work of talking and negotiating with your insurance company to help you get peace of mind knowing that an expert is making sure your claim is being handled correctly and fairly.

What do public adjusters do?

Simply put, we help level the playing field in order to get you the biggest property insurance settlement possible but you might have other questions when looking to hire a public adjuster.

Maximize your property insurance claim

Property insurance claims are the most expensive for insurance companies, so they are much less likely to give you a fair settlement. So how do we get you a better property insurance settlement? We are experts in understanding how insurance companies put values on property damage and what loopholes they try to find in your coverage. Our knowledge allows us to see potential problems right away and appraise the damage correctly, giving the power back to you as the policyholder.

We’re there for you and protect you during the process

Insurance companies know that the average policyholder doesn’t actually know much about their policy. They know that you likely signed up for your policy years ago and haven’t so much as thought about what was in it since. Because of that, they feel that they can take advantage of you and confuse you with complex jargon and fine print. Not on our watch! We are there to be in your corner and show your insurance company that you demand a fair settlement on your insurance claim. Just knowing that you are working with a public adjuster is enough for most insurance companies to know you can’t be walked over. Think of us as a [public adjuster] insurance policy on your [property] insurance policy

Oversee construction and restoration

So now you have your settlement check in your hand… now what? How do you start getting yourself and your property back to normal? We are still there to help! With over 20 years of experience in the home restoration industry, we can help you get quotes from different companies to make sure you put your settlement to good use and you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Wisconsin Values

As a public adjuster here in Wisconsin and the Milwaukee area, we hold ourselves to the standards and values that Wisconsin was built on – Hard Work, Integrity, and Fairness. We want to make sure that no one is treated unfairly by their insurance company and that you get everything that you deserve as a policyholder. Having damage to your property is an incredibly stressful time for homeowners with so many things happening at once. We want to help ease the burden of the process so you can focus on getting things back to normal, while we focus on your claim. You are in good hands with us. We guarantee it.

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