Types of Claims

Fire Damage on House

Fire Damage

An expected and devastating occurrence for you and your property

Fires cause a tremendous amount of damage to properties regardless of the most sophisticated fire protection systems that may be in place. In addition to the directly damaged components of a property, corrosive soot, smoke odor, and water used to extinguish the fire can cause even more damage than the fire itself. Fires create extreme levels of heat and pressure which push smoke and soot throughout the property. It’s very common for soot and smoke odor to be present inside wall & ceiling cavities, mechanical chases, and dead air spots throughout a building. Soot is carcinogenic and corrosive and can pose serious health problems and additional damage to the mechanical systems of a property. It is vital to capture the full extent of damage caused by smoke odor and soot or your property could have permanent, ongoing smoke odor issues.

After suffering from such a loss, the last thing you want to do is undergo the long and tedious process of submitting a claim through your insurance company. As a reputable, licensed public adjusting firm, we can efficiently file your fire damage claim, prevent delays with your insurance company, and make sure you have an advocate throughout the entire claim process.

We make sure that expediting the claim process and returning your property back to its pre-loss state is our utmost priority. 

Water Damage on house

Water Damage

One of the most common and costly types of damage

Water can easily infiltrate wall and ceiling cavities, mechanical chases, flooring systems, etc. If water damage isn’t handled quickly and correctly, it can cause greater damage in the long run like mold, bacteria, fungus, and dry rot. Additionally, some types of water can contain dangerous pathogens, which pose serious health risks to you and others. It is very common for any building materials (plaster, drywall, insulation, cabinets, trim, flooring, and mechanical) that come in contact with contaminated water to be permanently removed for safety purposes. To help you avoid wasting time and money, we can properly investigate and analyze the damage, and then help you get to the point of having a dry, sanitary property!


Residential water damage claims can be a very technical and involved process

Insurance companies and their recommended contractors often times don’t understand the full extent of damage that water can do to a property. It is common for them to also overlook the risks associated with contaminated water to minimize the costs of your insurance claim. This is a conflict of interest for you, the property owner. Fortitude Public Adjusters is your industry expert in assessing the full extent and costs associated with all types of water damage. We understand the value and importance of your home or business. Our goal is to expedite the claim process, recover the most money for your loss, and get your home or business operational as fast as possible. We take the stress out of the claim process and provide you with a complete, detailed report.


Bursting or
leaking pipes

Plumbing system issues

Water buildup

Malfunctioning household appliances

HVAC issues

Natural disasters

Storm Damage to outside

storm damage

Hurricanes are powerful and can cause catastrophic damage to properties. Most common during the summer and fall months, hurricanes can interrupt your personal life for weeks or months at a time. Our team is here to help you recover any loss garnered by these powerful storms and get you back in your property as soon as possible. When dealing with hurricane/wind damage, many owners do not collect all the money they are entitled to. Sometimes their insurance claims are unjustly denied altogether.  Our experts know how to identify, document and prove your property hurricane/wind damage claim to the insurance company. We’ll make sure that you receive everything that you are entitled to under the terms of your insurance policy. If you have suffered damage caused by a hurricane, contact us and we will be happy to assist you in filing and settling your claim.


A Tornado is one of the most dangerous natural disasters and needs to be treated as such. It can completely destroy a property, lifting it up and displacing it blocks away. The high winds can cause power, heat and water loss which ultimately make your property uninhabitable. When a disaster like this strikes, Fortitude Public Adjusters can assess the damage and help secure the money you need to fix your property. The first thing you may want to do when dealing with tornado damage is document the loss with photographs. From there, you’ll want to work with Fortitude Public Adjusters to help you maximize your claim and properly present your claim to your insurance company to ensure you are made whole again.  

Snow, Hail, and Wind Damage

Hail, Ice, & Snow Damage

Winter storms can bring in hail, ice, snow, high winds and heavy rain, all of which can cause unexpected property damage. Mounds of wet, heavy snow can cause roof leaks and ice dams which cause water damage not just to your roof but also to the interior of your property. In some cases the weight of ice and snow can be so extreme that they can cause a roof collapse, or snap tree branches which can fall on to your property causing damage. Strong winds and hail can also damage the exterior components of your property. No matter what type of instance occurs, Fortitude Public Adjusters is here to help you protect your property!


By filing the claim yourself you risk experiencing delays from the insurance company and an insufficient claim settlement. As time passes, the damage to your property can increase. We can take the stress of the process away from you. Our team is highly experienced in property damage claims and will thoroughly investigate your loss to help lead you to financial recovery.

Collapse House Damage

Collapse Damage

Buildings can suffer from hidden damages, which may cause abrupt falling or cave-in of the property. This type of property damage can happen from the weather, hidden erosion, or simple human error when the property was constructed. Other types of collapses can be caused by a vehicle or other items impacting a property. A structural collapse, in part or in whole, can be extremely hazardous and will need to be documented and assessed immediately after the incident. Call Fortitude Public Adjusters to have us inspect the property and assist you through the filing process.

A building collapse claim can be very complicated as the policy may have very specific language that is not easy to decipher without a Public Adjuster. Our team has years of experience filing collapse claims, and unlike the insurance companies, we promise to represent you and look out for your best interest. It is our mission to handle your claim as if it were our own property damage and to help pave the way for your financial recovery.